Susan Y. Stiles

Susan Stiles is a certified Patent Paralegal with more than 25 years of experience specializing in Intellectual Property.   She has assisted in the preparation, filing, and prosecution of thousands of U.S. and international patent applications as well as the preparation of papers for filing in AIA patent trials at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.


Susan is the author of Patent Professional’s Handbook: A Training Tool for Administrative Staff.  The latest version of her book was published on September 2, 2019. This handbook has been an important resource for paralegals and practitioners preparing submissions to the U.S. Patent Office.


Prior to becoming a paralegal, Susan worked as a lead legislative assistant in the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, with U.S. Senator John Warner of Virginia and U.S. Senator Lawton Chiles of Florida for about eight years.


Susan graduated from Patricia Stevens Career College, and majored in Business and Accounting.


Susan has worked for Jim Carmichael for more than fifteen years.